Architectural Control Requests

Published: August 1, 2018

Are you thinking about building, installing, or repairing anything on your lot? This can include patio covers, decks, sheds, and landscape borders, or are you considering making changes to your fencing, or house paint colors? Keep in mind, the Homeowners Association requires homeowners to complete an Architectural Control Request form to obtain approval prior to starting your project. Make sure to complete the “ACC” form before starting your project.

Also, the City of Trophy Club may require you to obtain a Residential City permit as well. Residential accessory building permits include items like storage buildings, detached garages, gazebos, patio covers, decks, carports and pool houses. Make sure to contact the city to request your permit before starting your project at 682-237-2920, or visit for more information.

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An ACC Request is required if you are making ANY type of modification, change, repair, replacement, removal, addition to your property or the exterior of your home.

The governing documents of this community state that you must have written approval from the ACC Committee prior to doing any of this work.

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Abbey Moor HOA

  1. Abbey Moor - 6.15.2023 Board Meeting Agenda
    .pdf file (59.43 KB)
    June 09, 2023
  2. ACC-ARC Form - Fillable
    .pdf file (3.16 MB)
    Abbey Moor HOA
    April 13, 2022
  3. Supplimental Items for ACC Requests
    .pdf file (40.51 KB)
    Abbey Moor HOA
    April 13, 2022


Derrick Dawson
Community Manager